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Welcome to the colourful universe of Studio AIRPORT. By skillfully juggling design, art and the digital world we create meaningful stories for diverse national and international clients and their audiences.

Who we are

Studio AIRPORT is a young Dutch design agency. From the get-go we’ve wanted to create work that matters and stays etched in the mind of the viewer. Whether we’re cracking down on a visual identity, video or website we make sure that it will turn heads. In fact, we put a little bit of our soul in each design we create. Free of any one particular style or perspective, our communal vision is something you can feel in our work.

Our small team consists of graphic designers, developers, photographers, UX-designers and motion designers. We like to get personal with the people we work with. You’ll also find out soon enough that we’re pretty upright guys who work hard and are easy to get along with. We’ll keep you involved through each stage of the project. Our communication lines are short and we’re always willing to climb that bit higher. Except for those occasional Mondays after getting loose at a festival. Don’t worry – we’ll still be nice to you.

Interested in creating a beautiful project with us? We’re top-notch listeners, so feel free to drop us a line. By hearing your story we can understand you, and by understanding you we can sense how best to approach your assignment. Maybe this means reformulating the assignment together with you. Whatever the approach, you can count on us to achieve your goal, that’s for sure. And if you’re looking to give your audience a wonderful new experience, heck… that’s when we’re at our best.

What we do

We work on projects with multiple aspects.
Check out our main services.

Identities & Campaigns

We’re proud of our talent to seamlessly translate one strong idea into a number of different media. This comes in handy when you want to design a visual identity that communicates as clear as plain daylight.

Websites & Applications

We create websites as if they’re freshly baked “cookies”. We’ll help you with function, usability, design and testing. And since we’re nerds, everything’ll be fully responsive and developed using the latest techniques.

Video & Animation

There’s nothing so beautiful as taking a static design to the next level and setting it in motion. In collaboration with sound designers we reach exceptional results that will add a whole new dimension to your project.

Artistic design

At first glance, this may seem vague. But to us it’s natural. We see it not as a service, but as an approach. When designing LP-covers, posters and spatial objects we can really let this approach fly. Watch our making-of-video’s to get an insight on how we work.

Meet our team

We’re happy to present our growing team of youngsters. We use everything within our reach to keep each other focused and motivated. These guys below are our creative explorers.

The Studio

We feel pretty blessed that each day we can do what we love most. And that’s exactly the vibe we maintain within our studio – a place with unconditional space for creativity, expression, reflection and having a good time.

1. Work process

When starting a new project we begin with a blank sheet, because we think in potentials rather than restrictions. We’ll do more than our best to get to the essence of the subject so we can develop strong concepts and intelligent solutions. We hit the books, do our research and collect relevant examples. Together with you, we choose the right direction. Once the idea is waterproof, we start with the visual design.

2. Media & techniques

Over the years we’ve assembled a toolbox of cool techniques and talents. Each project asks for the right set of skills. By mixing digital design with craftsmanship we allow ourselves to explore undiscovered areas, enabling new things to happen. The results are always different, but if you need to put a label on it… well, words like contemporary, minimalism and directness define our work pretty well.

3. Music

Next to coffee, music is our most essential fuel. Each day you will witness new tunes bouncing through our studio. We’re real music heads so it’s in our DNA that we enjoy working for and with the music industry. We collaborate with rappers, music festivals and bands. We initiated our own music projects like the ‘Key Figures’ clothing. No wonder our last office trip was a visit to the North Sea Jazz Festival.

Our clients about us

We are very impressed by Studio Airport’s fresh, bold concepts, their professional team, and most of all, their big hearts. Bram and Maurits and their team helped shape our Beyond Prison multimedia project into an experience that far exceeded our own imagination and expectations. The modern and original aesthetic has made these seven stories from inside prison come alive. They are true artists. We would work with them again in a heartbeat.


Zoë Fuller-Rowell

Executive Director, Kalliopeia Foundation

Driven, primarily driven. Professional. Skilled. A strong partner in debate, convinced and convincing. But never rigid. Young. Ambitious. Daredevils. Socially very involved. The world must and can be different! Craftsmen with ears and eyes for the client. Listeners and talkers. Humorous. Serious. Reliable in agreements and deadlines. Hard workers. Excellent price quality ratio. Studio AIRPORT: the perfect take off and landingstrip. Highly recommended.


Bartho Hengst

Managing Director Xenias.nl.

Studio AIRPORT helped us to brand our nonprofit mission and arrive at a creative solution for interactive engagement. They gave more than 100% with many revisions and a drive to perfection. New York City will gain a new park with mobile access and storytelling through our Traveling Cloud Museum developed by Studio AIRPORT.


Melinda Hunt

President, The Hart Island Project NY

Studio AIRPORT designed with great devotion our corporate identity and came up with the concept for our new name. During this process of co-creation they had an open approach and asked the right questions. This culminated in an inspiring expedition with a perfect result. Studio AIRPORT does not just design beautiful typographic designs, they define the vision of your company to-the-point.


Roderik van der Meulen en Joep Windhausen

Founders Nieuwe Architecten

Studio AIRPORT was just founded when we did business for the first time. Three young creative minds full of new ideas working from an old hamam. Since that time 4 years ago, they have made enormous steps as a studio, but the young and fresh attitude is still there. Studio AIRPORT designed our full corporate identity and website, I would hire them any day again!


Valérie Hoeks

Managing Director, China Inroads

What we like most about Studio AIRPORT is that they are very serious about their artistic process. Working with them, we are always sure to embark on a visual exploration that matches our musical travels.

We know that when we finish an album, after months of hard work, Studio AIRPORT will closely listen to and understand our music, and take it as a starting point for their own meticulous process. The great thing is that after we tell the guys our wishes and expectations, they always come up with something that is surprising and different. Most often it’s not what we asked for, but it’s exactly what we wanted nevertheless.


Morris Kliphuis

Hornist, Kapok

Awards & Publications

When you’re always aiming for the highest, it just so happens you get recognised every now and then.



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