Social Awareness Project

Beyond Prison

Beyond Prison is an online documentary featuring seven multimedia stories that highlight proven, vibrant program models working to bring about deep-seated change in the lives of incarcerated men and women.


Design a storytelling platform presenting a collection of multimedia stories that explore innovative models of transformative prison work in the United States.


Beyond Prison and it’s stories – in the form of short documentary films, photography, animated infographics and articles – explore innovative approaches to rehabilitation and offer a new vision of what prison could be: a place of transformation from the inside out.

In the past decade, new programs have shown that cultivating essential human values can change the culture of prison. Kalliopeia Foundation supports this emerging field, and created ‘Beyond Prison’ to bring awareness.

The online documentary displays seven multimedia stories that highlight proven, vibrant program models working to bring about deep-seated change in the lives of incarcerated men and women. Why the prison system particularly in the US is urgently in need of change, becomes apparent from these powerful statistics presented on the introduction page.


We designed a structure in which the story could be told best: An index page, an introduction page with statistics and seven long-reads, each focussing on an independent prison program.


The seven long read stories are designed in a way for reading comfortably. Balanced typography, white space and well chosen photography enhances the light feeling of the pages.

The website is fully responsive and custom designed for each device. User-tests helped us to make the right decision on where to place the content and what to skip on the mobile version.

Custom Galleries

For each new purpose we custom designed new media players and image galleries.

An image gallery focussing on an image sequence

A narrative image gallery with a centered focus


In total we used five different typefaces, each with a different character and purpose. Subtle type animations gives the user an extra impulse to read the specific content.

Narrative Content

The introduction page is designed in a way that will give the viewer a cinematic experience. The facts and statistics are visually translated by videos, images and typography to enhance the value of it.

The unconventional structure of the page allows the user to see both text and visual elements at the same time.

Presenting powerful statistics in such a vivid and interactive way does not only enable the user to gain very rapidly an understanding of the issue but also to evoke a strong interest in it.

The main focus of the introduction page consists of raising awareness and pointing out the need for action.


We are excited to hear your story.