Creative platform


Kapitaal is a dynamic platform in Utrecht which combines a graphic craft workshop, flexible workspaces, lectures, a shop and a variety of events.
A place where young creatives can work for free, develop new ideas and inspire each other.

The Assignment

To co-create a place for young designers, musicians, writers, artists, managers, entrepreneurs, critics, researchers and anyone with an interest in culture.

Further, to design a visual identity, website and several campaigns to promote the space.

The Identity

The identity is multi-layered and approaches the audience. By using dynamic forms and graphics, the identity can grow with the platform and give a perspective for the future. The characteristic K’s form a frame which gives space for all kinds of communication goals. Everything can be displayed or announced in the ‘K’.

As Kapitaal work with a variety of artists and photographers, the conversion to a monotone color is a smooth way to link all these images to Kapitaal. In this way Kapitaal can communicate through consistent and recognizable branding on their website and social media while remaining open to diverse styles of art.

As co-founder of Kapitaal, Studio AIRPORT is very proud to participate in this special platform. We think we’ve accomplished a project that was necessary for a long time and adds something to the cultural field in Utrecht. Finally there is a platform for young creatives. An initiative which came into existence in a difficult time, just when the demand was at it’s highest.

  • A blank sheet of paperUniversal A-Format
  • The dynamic gridBased on 7 positions
  • Hand drawn lineBased on the grid
  • The logotypesDrawn with a brush
  • Screenprint frameStencils from the 'K"
  • The "K' LogotypesMore than 100 variations


For the identity-type we selected the “Value-Sans” font. The underline we use beneath the type symbolises the paper as the main medium in Kapitaal. The rotated positions of the typography is based on the dynamic grid. In this way type and images reinforce each other.


The website serves a broad audience and it gives access to all the sections of Kapitaal. The most important ones are the silkscreen, printing and workshop pages where you can reserve a table, workshop or masterclass.


Over the years we’ve created multiple campaigns for Kapitaal. The first one was for the opening event when Kapitaal opened it’s doors. The most important value to communicate was: What is Kapitaal and who are the people behind it?

This handout was made for the opening of Kapitaal.
It announces the line-up, artists and tells in short what Kapitaal is all about. It's printed in the five identity colors of Kapitaal. When unfolded, it becomes a poster which was used for the promotion of the opening weekend.

The poster series of yawning people was designed for the event called '24 hours of Kapitaal'. We captured the portraits as if it were the moment after 24 hours of festivities.

The result is a very humorous series.

Poster Exhibition

For the one year anniversary we asked 40 young designers to answer the question “What is the value of Kapitaal? Together the series of 40 silkscreen-printed posters form an exhibition and a campaign at the same time. The result is a symbol for which Kapitaal stands for: Build an open community for creative entrepreneurs in Utrecht and connect them with each other.

All the 40 designers went out on the street to spread the posters trough the city. Guerrilla style!


We are excited to hear your story.