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If you want to get a sense of our work just start scrolling. You’ll find a selection of some of our finest designs. Different projects for different clients, each with a different approach.

Cultuureducatie met Kwaliteit


The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Cultural Participation Fund asked us to develop an online platform for cultural education which inspires and informs both teachers, parents, principals and politicians. Together with our clients we collaborated on a strategic communication plan, starting with a new digital identity.

Next to the clean and playful design we produced the creative content such as videos, illustrations and icons. The websites contains an action plan to participate, infographics about last years results and stories of adults and children who participated in the program. The website has become the leading information platform about cultural education in the Netherlands.

Trage Wegen

Brand Identity and newspaper

Trage Wegen, founded in 2002, is an association based in Ghent, Belgium that advocates for a better walking and cycling infrastructure. We designed the foundation’s visual identity including a printed publication in the form of a newspaper, a fold-out poster and a document binder, business cards, stationeries and e-mail footers.

The concept for the visual identity we created is based on the idea of the ‘organized chaos’. We approached our canvas as a map: The typography can be associated with structured spaces such as buildings, parks and transportation routes whereas the “white spaces” relate to the spaces where the ‘slow roads’, which is the literally translation of Trage Wegen, can be found.


Product Branding

Zospeum is an innovative construction material, which is permeable to light. By letting light shine through walls, it opens up countless new options for architects to design interior and exterior spaces.

Studio AIRPORT was assigned to create the whole brand story including the name for the product, a movie and the promotional website. The concept is based on what makes Zospeum stand out: innovation, openness, craftsmanship, architecture and elegance.

Tom Heerschop

Artist portfolio website

Tom Heershop is a visual artist based in Amsterdam. A brain tumor Tom unknowingly lived with for almost ten years, highly influenced his work. The human brain, overload and explosion are topics that always recure in his artworks. Tom does not only draw right away what comes into his mind but is also a true maker.

We designed and developed a portfolio website for Tom that does not only display his tremendous amount of work but also enables the viewer to see the relations between his artworks and his life story. The ideas floating around his head have been made visible trough animations that pop up when clicking on his head

Studium Generale

Lecture Poster Series

Studium Generale is a lecture series at the Arts Academy HKU. Professionals from different creative fields spoke about how skilled craftsmanship changed the environment they themselves and the listening audience live in. The presentations included topics such as creating sound compositions, the formation of an ‘attention economy’ and theatre plays triggering deep emotions.

Studio AIRPORT was asked to create a two-part poster series for this array of lectures under the theme ‘Homo Faber’. Every poster displayed a different abstract sculpture to symbolize the process of creation.


Art Exhibition Campaign

UtrechtDownUnder is a project from ‘Kunstliefde’ (space for visual arts), presenting Utrecht-based artists in extraordinary locations. Not only the artworks presented in the course of its latest exhibition UNDER CONTROL were outstanding, but also the exhibition venue itself: The former prison Wolvenplein opened its doors to a broad public for the first time.

Studio AIRPORT was asked to create a campaign promoting the exhibition. The campaign consisted of a poster series, motion graphic animations, a website, signposts, a program booklet as well as online and offline ads. The visual language was based on a consistent concept: The use of black and white stripes immediately referred to the prison context. The plain but bold design revealed the artistic nature of the project.

Nieuwe Architecten

Corporate Identity

The identity developed for ‘Nieuwe Architecten’ (New Architects) is one-on-one as it deconstructs the operational workings of the architect. One is invited to step into the realm of the architect and witness what they do, touch, cross off and accentuate.

In addition to the visual identity, Studio AIRPORT developed the name, ‘Nieuwe Architecten’, to reflect the company’s critical attitude within the current architectural landscape.

De Schrijftafel

Journalist Platform & Campaign

‘De Schrijftafel’ is an online portfolio-platform for young journalists. From the start we were involved in developing the concept, name, identity, website and campaign.

Most young graduates have created lots of interesting stories during their studies. Often these have never been published. Now they finally have the chance to show their work to the world. We chose to portray young students with piles of work around them to appeal to their urge to publish.

The website makes it very easy to upload and publish all sorts of media. We used the latest techniques to develop both front- and backend.

Post Planjer

Off & Online Magazine

For over 20 years the Utrecht architecture-bulletin Post Planjer has kept a broad audience informed about the built environment. It explores the current urban and architectural developments in Utrecht and places these within a broad (national) perspective.

Since April 2013 Studio AIRPORT designed its new identity, with the premise that everyone is a user of public space. There will be room for criticism, observations and descriptions.

The dynamic logo always expands one part of the area, just like the  authors do with their articles. The online platform is designed in a way that gives the editorial team freedom to submit articles, reviews and image-posts based on their own interpretations. According to the concept of a ‘long-read’ the website’s provide an accessible insight into well-crafted texts.

Slapfunk – Raw Joints

Artwork & Branding

Raw Joint are vinyl records of houselabel Slapfunk. Upcoming talents like Malin Genie, Samuel Deep, Anil Aras and Larry de Kat are responsible for these EP’s. Pressed on vinyl, ‘cause SlapFunk is all about the black gold and Raw House Music.

Studio AIRPORT was asked to design the artwork. By cutting 150 vinyls in pieces several African tribal masks were created. The results are a poster, EP-covers and a series of shirts and sweaters.

Bureau voor Beeldzaken

Corporate Identity

Through the creation of plain and concise drawings in real-time, the “Bureau voor Beeldzaken” (Office for Image Affairs) assists any kind of business in making complex contents of presentations and lectures better understood and remembered by the targeted audience.

Thus, when creating this identity, the translation of text into images was central: The logo does not only represent a typographic element but combining the individual constituents differently results in several geometric shapes. Besides a brochure and business cards, Studio AIRPORT designed a new website for the Office for Image Affairs.


Poster Series

When people go out to this underground nightclub they put up a mask and go loose for the time being. We came up with the idea of colorful night creatures.

Just like little children do, we asked our models to make masks with their own hands. By painting colorful patterns on their hands and painting their faces, abstract portraits exists. The series consist of several editions each with a new model, patterns an colors. But always within the same composition.


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